Case Study

Showing the value of building more eco-friendly, efficient batteries

This case study shows how a startup is showing the value of its battery tech to corporate partners, utility stakeholders, and investors.

businessman hand draws electrical diagram - series and parallel connection concept

Quickly move up TRL levels and accelerate adoption of your technology

Digital Twins are becoming increasingly popular as a way to quickly move up the technology readiness levels (TRLs) and accelerate the adoption of new technologies. A Digital Twin is a digital replica of a physical object or system that can be used for simulation, monitoring, and analysis. Dashboards are a key part of Digital Twins, providing a real-time view of the data and performance of the object or system. Simulation is another important part of Digital Twins, allowing users to test different scenarios and optimize the design of the physical object or system.

You will learn about

  • Build digital twin or model of your product
  • Test how the innovation performs in integrated real-world settings
  • Add AI/ML and dashboarding capabilities to your tech stack
  • De-risk the technology faster to enterprises & investors

One tool for all your metrics