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Workshop on Big Data Analytics & Data Governance for Electric Utilities

  • Feb 8, 2023 8 AM - Noon - Mountain Time
  • 4 hours, hands-on workshop
  • For Utility professionals and researchers/students in smart grid and clean energy
  • Deep Discounts available
  • Certificates, PDH, and CEU on completion
Date & Time

December 12, 8 AM - Noon*

* Mountain Time


Plexflo HQ

Conference Room 1
1919 14th Street 
Boulder, Colorado 
Or, you can join via the Zoom Link in your registration email.


$950 $450

Use Code: EARLYBIRD. Academicians, students and researchers get access to the full workshop at a 90% discount (Use Code: ACADEMIC)

Workshop Agenda

Chap 1: Introduction to big data

Chap 2: Challenges and opportunities associated with big data

Chap 3: Moving data and analytics in Multi-cloud, Hybrid Cloud environments

Chap 4: Common Big Data streams - Advanced Metering Infrastructure, ADMS, Sensor Data

Chap 5 - Case Study 1: Storm Preparation and Outage Management use-case

Case Study 2: Asset Health Forecasting

Case Study 3: DER growth forecasting

Chap 6: How to remain outward-facing for new data opportunities while maintaining data governance and security

Chap 7: Best practices for collecting, storing, analyzing, and acting on Utility Big Data

Chap 8: Standards & Data Privacy Laws

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The workshop will be conducted by a team of leaders in Grid Data Analytics

Led by Dr. Sayonsom Chanda (NREL, ex-National Grid)

Sayonsom Chanda, Ph.D. is a senior researcher of Energy Systems Integration at National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Denver, Colorado, USA. He is also  the founder of clean-tech start-up companies like Plexflo and Sync Energy. As a renowned expert in developing AI-powered grid analytics technologies to combat climate change, he has been called to deliver lectures in conferences and panel sessions, including a TEDx talk in 2021. Dr. Chanda has a decade-long experience in working with large utilities and US Department of Energy national laboratories on mission-critical projects.

Dr. Chanda has three patents in cloud-computing for the power grid. He has published 18 peer-reviewed papers in high impact power systems journals.

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Eight (8) reasons why you & your team should attend the workshop


Improve Process Excellence

You'll learn how to improve data analytics processes


Relevant Use-cases

You will create a portfolio of example data products for your Utility enterprise


Digital Transformation

Become expert in leading digital transformation and change management across teams


Professional Certificates

4 Professional Development Hours (PDH), and 0.4 Continued Education Unit (CEU), Certificates


Hands-On with Big Data 

Practice data analytics, ML/AI with real-world Big Data during the workshop


Unique Networking Opportunity

The workshop will be a fun and activity filled event which will foster exchange of ideas across team members from different countries and organizations


$1,000 Cloud Compute Credits

Supercharge your next grid analytics in a cloud with credits that will effectively offset the cost of participation. 


Free Food and Drinks in a Unique Venue*

for in-person attendees only. Others will be sent a Grubhub discount voucher.

Workshop Introduction

Electric utilities are under pressure like never before to do more with less. In particular, they are being asked to increase grid reliability and resilience, while simultaneously improving efficiency and reducing costs. Big data can help utilities meet these challenges by providing new ways to collect, store, analyze and act on data.

However, big data is not a panacea. It comes with its challenges, including data governance, security, and privacy concerns. Additionally, many utilities are still in the early stages of their big data journeys and may not have the necessary skills or infrastructure in place to fully realize the benefits of big data.

This workshop will provide an overview of how electric utilities can unlock more value from big data. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with big data, as well as some of the best practices for collecting, storing, analyzing, and acting on data. Additionally, we will provide an overview of how big data can be used to improve grid reliability and resilience, as well as efficiency and cost savings. Finally, we will discuss some of the skills and infrastructure that utilities need to be successful with big data.

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